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Advanced Farmer Committee

Advanced Farmer Committee

The purpose of the Advanced Farmer Committee is to identify ways to recruit more advanced, experienced and/or large farm-size growers to participate and be actively involved in all aspects of EcoFarm Conference.


Jo Ann Baumgartner, Wild Farm Alliance
Gina Colfer, Wilbur Ellis
Sam Earnshaw, Hedgerows Unlimited
Pam Krone, Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuaries
Amon Muller, Full Belly Farm
Steve Peters, Seed rEvolution Now!
Steve Sprinkel, Farmer & Cook
Zea Sonnabend, Fruitilicious Farm
Javier Zamora, JSM Organics
Tom Willey, Farmer Emeritus

Apply to join 

Interested in joining EcoFarm's Planning Committee? Contact Gabi at for more information.