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In the Media

A Sampling of 2022 Media Hits

EcoFarm lessons to live by
Edible Monterey Bay

Eco Farm keynote addresses food sovereignty for Indigenous communities
The Pajaronian

Organic Agriculture Research Forum at EcoFarm Conference 2022
Organic Farming Research Foundation

A Look Ahead at EcoFarm 2022 and a Talk with Mark Arax
Edible Monterey Bay

EcoFarm conference postponed to March due to omicron surge.
Monterey County Weekly

A Sampling of 2021 Media Hits

Can California’s Organic Vegetable Farmers Unlock the Secrets of No-Till Farming?
Civil Eats

Agricultores conciben un sistema alimentario saludable para la gente y el planeta
UC ANR Noticias

EcoFarm 2021 Reimagines and Inspires
Edible Monterey Bay

Elevating Latinx Voices at EcoFarm
Kitchen Table Advisors

EcoFarm Conference to be presented virtually Jan 20-23
Fruit Growers News

Reimagining our future: 41st EcoFarm Conference goes virtual in partnership with Sierra Harvest
The Union

7 Ways the Second Gentleman Could Address the Root Causes of Hunger
Civil Eats

Amigo Bob Cantisano, towering figure in West Coast organic farming, dies at 69
Los Angeles Times

A Sampling of 2020 Media Hits

16 Takeaways from the 40th EcoFarm
Edible Monterey Bay

EcoFarm panel looks at supply chain challenges
The Packer

Organic Wines, Uncorked
Wine Country Geographic

The EcoFarm conference tackles cultural problems in the agriculture industry.
Monterey County Weekly

EcoFarm 2020: Climate & Justice Increasingly Part of the Conversation, Farmer Leaders Recognized

EcoFarm bus tour rolling through Pajaro Valley
The Pajaronian

Diversity takes center stage at EcoFarm in Pacific Grove
Monterey Herald

EcoFarm Celebrates 40th Anniversary with Blockbuster Speakers, Big Ideas and Nitty Gritty Knowledge Sharing
Edible Monterey Bay

40th EcoFarm Conference, Jan. 22-25, in Pacific Grove, California
Fruit Growers News, Vegetable Growers News

A Sampling of 2019 Media Hits

Spotlighting women in ag: Female growers and innovators are featured at 2019 EcoFarm Conference
From Farms to Incubators, January 2019

Organic Vineyard Consultant and Farm Advisor Amigo Bob Says Pesticide Residue Testing "Is a Fraud," Urges Activism
Organic Wines Uncorked, January 2019

EcoFarm: Resilience is Fertile
Edible Monterey Bay, January 2019

EcoFarm conference focuses on regenerative practices
Monterey Herald, January 2019

EcoFarm holds up soil as a pillar or organic farming, even if the feds are trying to change that.
Monterey County Weekly, January 2019

EcoFarm bus tour rolls through Watsonville
Register Pajaronian, January 2019

Marrone Bio Innovations CEO Pam Marrone to receive 'Sustie' award for her contributions to sustainable agriculture
Nasdaq, January 2019

Urban Farming and the Wonders of Nature In a Food Desert
Bioneers, February 2019

EcoFarm Conference is Call to Action, February 2019

A Sampling of 2018 Media Hits

There is no planet B
Mission Village Voice, February 2018

Snapshots from EcoFarm 2018
Organic Farming Research Foundation, February 2018

"Sow Good" - EcoFarm Conference 2018
Terra Cultura, February 2018

EcoFarm Conference applauds women in ag tech
KION News, January 2018

EcoFarm Conference at Asilomar Conference Grounds
Monterey County Now, January 2018

EcoFarm going strong, sowing good
Monterey Herald, January 2018

EcoFarm Conference 2018
Morning Ag Clips, December 2018

Podcast Interviews with EcoFarm speakers
Farm to Table Talk

A Sampling of 2017 Media Hits

Ecofarm bus tour offers visitors taste of county organic farming programs
Santa Cruz Sentinel, January 2017

EDIBLE: Big news at EcoFarm centers around mushrooms and bees.
Monterey County Weekly, January 2017

What I learned at EcoFarm
Green Bean Gal Blog, January 2017

Rotation produces prime Fuentes organic strawberries
The Californian, January, 2017

Terra Cultura goes to EcoFarm
Terra Cultura, February 2017

Podcast Interviews with EcoFarm speakers
Farm to Table Talk

A Sampling of 2016 Media Hits

Organic farmers told they can help save the world

The Californian, January 2016

EcoFarm Conference: Farmers warn not to be fooled by 'box schemes'
Monterey Herald, January 2016

EcoFarm 36 "Regenerating Our Lands and Water"
The Examiner, January 2016

Branding is on EcoFarm Menu
The Packer, January 2016

If it says 'organic', USDA's NOP stands behind label
Democrat & Chronicle, January 2016

In Cuba, Haiti it's organic farming by necessity 
The Californian, January 2016

Unique farm cooks up alternative fuel solutions
Santa Cruz Sentinel, January 2016

Organic tackles the scale issue
The Packer, January 2016

EcoFarm conference comes to Pacific Grove
Monterey Herald, January 2016

EcoFarm conference brings out the best in farming
Monterey County Weekly, January 2016

2016 EcoFarm Conference to focus on water, soil health
Capital Press, December 2015

A Sampling of 2015 Media Hits

Reflections on the 2015 EcoFarm Conference
Esalen Institute, March 2015

Soil practices in Salinas Valley contribute to effective water use
Salinas Californian, February 2015

Reflections from EcoFarm 2015
MESA, February 2015

Organic Pioneers Grew More than Organic Produce, They also Grew a Market for It
Edible Monterey Bay, January 2015

EcoFarm Conference Kicks Off with Pajaro Valley Tour
Santa Cruz Sentinel, January 2015

EcoFarm grows with mushrooming organic sector
Mercury News/Santa Cruz Sentinel, January 2015

Notes from the Field: EcoFarm 2015: Deborah Madison
Healdsburg SHED, January 2015

EcoFarm 2015
Sweet Serendipity Homestead, January 2015

Highlights from EcoFarm
Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, January 2015

Soil is the Solution at 35th EcoFarm Conference
Edible Monterey Bay, December 2014

EcoFarm 2015 to focus on climate change, food safety
Capital Press, December 2014

A Sampling of 2014 Media Hits

Gather and Grow at EcoFarm 2014 Conference
Edible Monterey Bay, December 2013

Organics, sustainability focus of California conference
Capital Press, December 2013

Beyond Organic? EcoFarm conference at Asilomar explores biodynamic farming
Santa Cruz Weekly, January 2014

Ecofarm conference takes field trip to Pajaro Valley
Santa Cruz Sentinel, January 2014

Movement maven and EcoFarm linchpin Maria Rodale separates real natural growing progress from holistic hype.
Monterey County Weekly, January 2014

Annual EcoFarm Conference starts next week
Register-Pajaronian, January 2014

Temple Grandin Wows EcoFarm Conference
Santa Cruz Weekly, January 2014

EcoFarm Conference: Dry farming a timely, popular presentation
Monterey Herald, January 2014

Four Part Series by Jillian Laurel Steinberger:
Farm to Body: How Human Health is Reflected in the Soil
The Inspiration to Save and Share Seed
Temple Grandin Eats a Vegetarian Dinner
Coming Soon: Raw Milk from Micro-Dairies
January/February 2014, Edible Monterey Bay

Weed killers on organic Farms include sheep, geese, and soil microbes
January 2014, Salinas Californian

EcoFarm: 34 Years of Bringing the Organic Farming Community Together
January 2014, Civil Eats

5 Things We All Need to Learn from Temple Grandin
January 2014, Huffington Post Impact

Farmers Organizing Together
April 2014, Quarter Acre Farm blog