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The 2023 EcoFarm Awards Banquet will be held Friday, January 20 at 6:45pm at the Asilomar Conference Grounds. The Sustie Award honors those who have been actively and critically involved in ecologically-sustainable agriculture and have demonstrated their long term, significant contributions to the well-being of agriculture and the planet. This year’s Sustie winners are Gail Feenstra, Jim Leap, and Reggie Knox. The Justie Award honors those who have been active advocates for social justice as a critical aspect of ecologically-sustainable agriculture and food systems...Read more
Twelve leading voices of the Organic movement will give short TED-style talks about their personal experiences. They will explore a failing food system and the solutions that the Real Organic Project brings. Special guest, Paul Hawken, will give the morning keynote exploring the connection between the Regeneration project and the Real Organic Project. We will end the day with Paul reflecting on the day's talks. We will explore how to outsmart a consolidated marketplace that is so hostile to small farms. As USDA Organic is being redefined by industry, the Real Organic...Read more
EcoFarm is launching its first annual Freshie Award to recognize the work of beginning and young farmers, as the next generation of leaders working to cultivate just and resilient food systems. The Freshie Award will be presented in-person at the 43rd annual EcoFarm Conference. Awardees will be presented with an engraved gourd, travel to Asilomar, and full conference registration with meals and lodging. We are inviting the community (that means you!) to participate through an open nomination process. Is there someone you’d like to nominate for this award? Eligibility...Read more
Join EcoFarm's online archive & community! Dear Friend, We have exciting news to share with you. For the past year, we have been working hard to make 22 years of EcoFarm Conference recordings easily accessible. And that day has arrived - over 1,200 audio and video recordings now available all in one place! But that’s not all... This treasure trove of content is waiting for you on our online community space called Mighty Networks where we can connect, chat, ask questions, share resources, and more! Whether you’ve been a speaker at EcoFarm or are a farmer, rancher,...Read more
The Ecological Farming Association (EcoFarm) is currently inviting applications for prospective Board of Director members! Are you or someone you know looking to join a board of directors of an inspiring and effective nonprofit whose mission is to advance just and ecological farming and food systems? If so, please apply to join us ! Founded in 1981, our core values include ecological stewardship, intergenerational exchange, justice, equity, collaboration and community. Our flagship program is the annual EcoFarm Conference, historically held the third week of January...Read more
Workshop proposals are due Friday, June 24, 2022. EcoFarm Conference will be held January 18-21, 2023. Conference Goals Through shared knowledge, resources, and education, EcoFarm Conference offers relationship building and connection – with a goal to nurture a collective movement to advance just and ecological farming and food systems. Proposal guidelines The educational content that EcoFarm Conference presents is crowdsourced – generated by the community. That means that whether you're a farmer, rancher, distributor, retailer, consumer, industry rep, consultant,...Read more
Congratulations to this year's Susties and Justies, honored at EcoFarm Conference! Join our Sustie & Justie Awards on Wednesday, March 16, 2022 from 9:00am - 9:45am PT This year's Justie is awarded to Dr. Isao Fujimoto. Isao passed away this month of March just after receiving the award. This year's Susties are awarded to the Agriculture & Land-Based Training Association (ALBA), David Katz and Karen Van Epen, and Richard Smith. The Ecological Farming Association (EcoFarm) developed the Steward of Sustainable Agriculture or "Sustie" to honor people who have...Read more
California schools purchase nearly $200 million dollars in locally grown products, including organic fruits and veggies. These markets require specialized knowledge of food safety regulations, product specs, delivery, and bidding/contracting. This webinar, co-hosted by the Farm to Cafeteria program at CAFF, will discuss how farmers can access these markets in their regions with insights from an aggregator, a food service director and a farmer, from regions throughout the state. Tuesday, October, 19 12 – 1:30pm PT Presenters: Scott Berndt, Food Hub Coordinator,...Read more
Flowering trees provide acres of elevated forage and habitat for honeybees, beneficial insects, and birds. But did you know that most flowering trees from nurseries and brokers are pre-treated with Synthetic Systemic pesticides and fungicides before retail? You may be surprised to learn that 100% of citrus trees sold in California are required to be pre-poisoned with neonicotinoids before sale, rendering the flowers harmful to pollinators. Neonics and other Systemics are effective marketing tools but have contributed greatly to the decline of insect and bird life due...Read more
Explore how two leading national farm-to-institution organizations are incorporating racial equity and economic justice into their organizing and policy agendas. This webinar will delve into the model of the Center for Good Food Purchasing of which labor is at its core, and how the National Farm to School Network is seeking to build the capacity of Black, Indigenous, and farmers of color to successfully sell and distribute their products to schools. Tuesday, September 7 12 - 1:30pm PT Presenters: Krystal Oriadha, National Farm to School Network Krystal Oriadha is the...Read more