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Support the Ecological Farming Association

Your support makes possible the work of advancing a just and ecological farming and food system.

Ways to support

EcoFarm Year-Round Programming

Support EcoFarm and the future of farming with your monthly or annual donation!

Scholarship Fund

Foster new leadership in ecological agriculture and food systems. 

Spanish Language Program Fund

Expand EcoFarm mono and bilingual education, outreach and programming in Spanish.

Amigo Bob Cantisano Legacy Fund

Inspired by his life and work, training and supporting farmers to care for the Earth with the use of organic practices.

Interested in getting your company involved? There are lots of ways! 

1. Partner with EcoFarm as a sponsor!

2. Join as an exhibitor at EcoFarm Conference or other events. 

3. Buy a table at EcoFarm Conference or an event.

4. Employer Matching Gifts | Does your company match gifts? 

Have you made a donation or volunteered with EcoFarm over the past year? Your company may match gifts dollar-for-dollar, or more! Contact your human resources department to find out more about submitting for a match to multiply your support. Or, search this database on the KQED website to find out which employers match donations

My employer does matching! Now what?

Some companies may ask for a copy of the email you received after making a gift, or for the following information about EcoFarm:

Nonprofit Status: 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Legal Name: Ecological Farming Association. Address: 2901 Park Avenue, Suite D-2, Soquel, CA 95073. Tax ID number/EIN: 68-000-3547

It takes a community to help us fulfill our mission! Thank you for your support and contributions.