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Real Organic pre-conference at EcoFarm 2023

Twelve leading voices of the Organic movement will give short TED-style talks about their personal experiences. They will explore a failing food system and the solutions that the Real Organic Project brings. Special guest, Paul Hawken, will give the morning keynote exploring the connection between the Regeneration project and the Real Organic Project. We will end the day with Paul reflecting on the day's talks. 

We will explore how to outsmart a consolidated marketplace that is so hostile to small farms. As USDA Organic is being redefined by industry, the Real Organic Project is growing rapidly. With over 1,100 certified farms across the country, the Real Organic Project is offering farmers and eaters a way to find each other. Is it growing fast enough? What does it take to grow the movement we so desperately need? Let’s answer these questions together at our 2023 EcoFarm Pre-Conference Jan. 17th at the Asilomar Conference Grounds, with both in-person and virtual options.

Tickets and information can be found here: Real Organic Project's EcoFarm Pre-Conference and EcoFarm ticketing website.